Door Dolly

A door dolly moves doors or other materials around a worksite without lifting and carrying. 


A door dolly is an engineering control that may reduce lifting and carrying.  A door dolly consists of wheels and a small platform onto which a door or other materials can be placed. The object is then be pushed or pulled around a worksite.  The door dolly can also be used to move drywall, granite, or plywood. 

There are many types of door dollies.  The Williams Development Group Door Dolly consists of two wheels connected to a long aluminum shaft with a handle on the end (Figure 1).  A door is placed horizontally into the carrying area of the Door Dolly and is secured by clamping devices.  The Door Dolly is pushed or pulled to the desired area via the handle. 

Figure 1. The Williams Development Group Door Dolly

The Brockhage® Locksmith Door Dolly is similar to the Williams Development Group Door Dolly.  The carrying slot can accommodate doors up to 1¾ inches wide and is padded to protect the door (Figure 2).

Figure 2.  The Brockhage® Locksmith Door Dolly

The Metal Monkey Door Dolly features two wheels and a carpeted slot to hold the door.  A handle is not necessary to transport the door around the worksite.  Each Metal Monkey Door Dolly features 0.125 5052 aluminum bodies TIG welded to 6061 axle standoffs and 8 inch thermoplastic balloon cushion wheels (Figure 3).

Figure 3.  Metal Monkey Door Dolly

The Just Toolz Door Dolly is similar to the Metal Monkey Door Dolly except there is no padding to protect the door (Figure 4).  This dolly weighs 12 lbs. and can carry a maximum of 675 lbs.  The Just Toolz Door Dolly can keep a door upright without leaning it against a wall.  It comes in three different models: OD1 has a slot 2 inches wide, OD2 has a slot 2-5/8 inches wide, and OD3 has a slot 3-3/4 inches wide. 

Figure 4.  Just Toolz Door Dolly

Figure 5.  Vestil Plate/Slab/Door Dolly

The Door Kart dolly is 11 lbs., features 8 inch semi-pneumatic wheels, and can accommodate up to 1 ¾ inch thick objects (Figure 5).  Rubber pads on the inside of the dolly protect the object from scratching.

Figure 5.  Door Kart Dolly

Risks Addressed:

Heavy or repetitive lifting and carrying can cause musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) of the back.   A low back disc herniates when excessive loads are placed on the spine.  Overworking the muscles can also result in strains.  A door dolly can reduce lifting and carrying by utilizing wheels to transport the object around a worksite.

How Risks are Reduced:

A door dolly reduces repetitive heavy lifting and carrying because doors are placed on the door dolly and moved to the desired location. 

Manufacturers believe that a door dolly can minimize lifting and carrying.  The Williams Development Group states, “(a door dolly) makes transporting and installing doors easier.”  Brockhage® Locksmith states that a door dolly will, “Save time, money, and accidents.”  Just Door Toolz claims their door dolly, “easily rolls over power cords and other small construction debris,” thereby reducing the risk of losing control of the door and causing an accident.

Safety and health experts agree that a door dolly will minimize lifting and carrying, potentially lowering the risk of MSDs.

Effects on Productivity:

A door dolly will increase productivity on the worksite 

Additional Considerations:

Other materials (plywood, drywall, granite) can be moved using a door dolly.  Some lifting and carrying may be required to place the door onto the door dolly.


Dan Anton, PT, PhD, ATC; and Kevin Wright, SPT – Eastern Washington University

Hazards Addressed:


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