Saw Blade Changer

A saw blade changer protects the operator from contacting the blade during installation and removal.


A saw blade changer is PPE that may help reduce cuts caused from contacting a blade during installation, removal, or storage.  The saw blade changer covers the sharp tines protecting the hand and fingers. 

A saw blade changer is used by placing the protective sheath on or around the blade, and loosening the arbor nut.  The handle of the changer is used to keep the blade from rotating during removal.  The Saw-Jaw can also be used to lift the blade out of the saw or storage.

Bench Dog Blade-Loc

The Bench Dog Blade-Loc are made from hardened plastic.  Both will work with most right or left tilt 10” contractor or cabinet table saws and many radial arm saws.

Risks Addressed:

Contact with a circular saw blade can cause cuts of the hands, wrists, or forearms.  According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, a substantial number of people are injured each year when saws are maintained, repaired, or not in use.  If a major artery is cut, there is risk of significant blood loss or death.  An open wound is vulnerable to infection or tetanus.  A saw blade changer protects the hand and fingers from the blade during installation, removal, or storage.

How Risks are Reduced:

A saw blade changer reduces contact with blade tines by covering the blade during removal.  Traditionally, installing, removing, and storing a circular saw blade required securing the blade by hand or with a block of wood. 

The manufacturer of the Saw-Jaw states that it, “was designed to assist in safely installing and removing circular saw blades from machines, and also is an excellent storage and handling aid."   In addition, the manufacturer of the Blade-Loc states that it “…is a revolutionary blade changing tool that provides safer changes for you and your table saw blades.”

Safety and health experts believe that saw blade changers can reduce the risk of cuts and infection during blade handling.

Effects on Productivity:

A circular saw harness increases productivity on the worksite.

Additional Considerations:

The saw power source must always be disconnected before changing a saw blade.

Saw blade changers may help to eliminate twisting or bending of circular saw blades during removal and installation.  

The Saw Jaw can safely store saw blades in the protective sheath.  An ID tag is available for labeling a blade when it is stored.


Dan Anton, PT, PhD, ATC; and Kevin Wright, SPT – Eastern Washington University

Hazards Addressed:


Rockler Bench Dog
To obtain information, visit Blade-Loc or contact 1-800-279-4441

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