Door Installation Cart

A door installation cart is a dolly that transports and holds doors in place during door installation.


A door installation cart is an engineering control that may help reduce heavy lifting and carrying while installing doors.  It consists of a wheeled platform to transport and position doors.

To load a door, the door installation cart, such as the Doorjak, is placed in its upright position and the door is lifted on to the platform (figure 1). Then, with a crank adjustment the platform is tilted into a reclined position, then a safety strap used to hold the door in place. Next, the door is wheeled to the installation site. The door is be wheeled up to the doorframe, tilted upright and then wheeled into place for installation. The Doorjak has an adjustable height setting so that the door can be lined up flush with the hinges. Once installation is complete the strap is simply removed and the Doorjak is lowered out from under the door.  The Doorjak can also be used for door removal.

Figure 1. A door installation cart lifting a door during installation (Photo courtesy of HARDNOX LLC)

Hardnox LLC offers two models that allow a single person to safely and easily transport and install doors. The Doorjak 50 (figure 2) can support doors up to 250 lb while the Doorjak 100 (figure 3) can support doors up to 750 lb.

Figure 2. Hardnox LLC Doorjak 50 (Photo courtesy of HARDNOX LLC)

Figure 3. Hardnox LLC Door Jak 100 (Photo courtesy of HARDNOX LLC)

Risks Addressed:

Heavy lifting and carrying can cause low back disorders, such as muscle strain or a disc herniation (“slipped disc”), which is bulging of disc material possibly pressing on the spinal cord or nerves that go into the leg.  A door installation cart can help reduce heavy lifting and carrying by eliminating the need to carry and hold a door in place for installation.  

How Risks are Reduced:

A door installation cart reduces heavy lifting and carrying because it allows for the door to be transported on a dolly rather than being carried.  The Door Jak can also be used to hold the door in place during installation.

Safety and health experts believe a door installation cart will help to reduce heavy lifting and carrying because it transports and holds the door in place for installation without any lifting.

The manufacturer states that the Door Jak “allow[s] one worker to safely and easily transport and install heavy commercial, industrial and residential doors and wall panels”.


Effects on Productivity:

A door installation cart may increase productivity by making transport of doors faster and door installation more efficient.

Additional Considerations:

Some lifting may be required to place the door onto the door dolly. Other materials (plywood, drywall, granite) can be moved using a Door Jak.  


Dan Anton, PT, PhD, ATC; and Kaya Mills, SPT – Eastern Washington University

Hazards Addressed:


To obtain information, visit DoorJak50 and DoorJak100 or contact 1-805-687-0053

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