Access Deck for Scissor Lift

An access deck for scissor lift is an attachment accessory that provides a secondary work platform to elevate workers on a lift.


An access deck for a scissor lift is an engineering control that provides workers a secondary work surface to elevate them above the platform floor. While this solution provides additional workspace for workers accessing hard-to-reach areas, it should be used in conjunction with other manufacturer safety measures to ensure the safety of workers.

Many jobsites require operators to access restricted areas above or beyond where a scissor lift’s platform can reach. An access deck for a scissor lift, such as the Genie® Lift Tools™ Access Deck, is an accessory that provides operators with a secondary surface to elevate them above the lift's platform floor. This enables the operator to access hard-to-reach areas. This additional deck has a 225-pound capacity, and installs to the inside of the extension deck guardrails on Genie® GS™-1930/1932 E-Drive scissor lift platforms (figure 1), with additional model compatibility in the future. It is designed with a collapsible guardrail to ensure uninhibited maneuverability for operators using this new accessory.

Figure 1. Genie® Lift Tools™ Access Deck for Scissor Lifts (Photo courtesy of Terex Corporation)

Risks Addressed:

Climbing onto the scissor lift handrails and/or toe boards bypass the fall protection the handrails provide and increase the risk for loss of balance. This can result in a fall leading to an injury or even death

How Risks are Reduced:

An access deck for a scissor lift can reduce the likelihood of loss of balance by providing an integrated stable work platform for workers to stand on while inside the scissor lift. This helps eliminate the likelihood for workers to stand on a handrail or lean over a basket to access work.

Additional Considerations:

As is the case with any construction tool and equipment, users should follow manufacturer safety recommendations and comply with any applicable local, state or federal regulations. 


Jean Christophe Le, MPH - CPWR The Center for Construction Research and Training
Terry Sage, CHST - Freestate Electrical Companies

Hazards Addressed:


Terex Corporation
To obtain information, visit Genie® Lift Tools™ Access Deck for Scissor Lifts or contact 1-800-536-1810

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