Wristband Voltage Sensor

A wrist-worn (wristband) voltage sensor can warn users against impending contact with live equipment.


A wristband voltage sensor, such as the Voltage by the Proxxi Technology Corporation, is a wrist-worn device that detects energized equipment and notifies the user of the presence of live current. By analyzing a user’s proximity to an energized device, Proxxi Voltage notifies the user via multi-sensory (vibrational and auditory) alerts when they enter the alert zone surrounding the electrical device and again when they breach the limit of approach.

Using a wristband voltage sensor is a work practice that can provide alerts to workers within a range of a live equipment. This can reduce the risk for electrical hazards that might occur if the workers is unaware an improperly deenergized equipment or due to an unintended startup (figure 1).

Figure 1. A worker wearing the Proxxi Voltage while working on equipment. (Photo courtesy of Proxxi Technology Corporation)


The wristband voltage sensor communicates with the mobile application only using Bluetooth connection, without WiFi or cellular requirement. Once the mobile application (app) is installed onto a mobile device, the app does not further require internet connect to make adjustment the wristband. Moreover, the wristband can also be used without a mobile device, but the user will be unable to adjust settings.


The wristband only records information related to the wristband’s usage, alerts, and assignment including:
● Alert type (initial alert or high alert)
● Date and time time of an alert
● Reading of the intensity of the electric field at time of alert 
● Alert range (480V, 5kV, etc - selected from app)
● Configured voltage frequency of the wristband(50 or 60 Hz)
● Wristband status and start/end times of the status
● Charge level over time
● Firmware version and date/time it was updated
● Accelerometer
● Identifying wristband details (wristband ID, mac address, serial number)
● User of wristband (as entered by the user into the mobile app)
● Organizational information only inputted by the organization

● CE
● IP68 Compliant
● ASVS Lvl 1
● SOC3 Compliant Data Center Storage


As the wristband does not contain a USB or other connection port, the device uses an induction charger for charging (figure 2). As the wristband does not track any health data or location information as it does not contain Global Positioning System (GPS) hardware. 

Figure 2. The Proxxi Voltage is an enclosed device. (Photo courtesy of Proxxi Technology Corporation)

Risks Addressed:

Death or serious injury can result if a worker is unexpectedly exposed to energized equipment.

How Risks are Reduced:

These warning devices are designed to detect and warn the workers about the risk of shock and electrocution by sensor when the wristband reaches a certain range within a live equipment.

Additional Considerations:

It must be noted that warning devices cannot completely prevent accidents. Workers need to follow proper lock out tag out procedures prior to any electrical work or maintenance.


Jean Christophe Le, MPH - CPWR The Center for Construction Research and Training


To obtain information, visit Proxxi Voltage or contact 1 604-305-1125 support@proxxi.co

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