Smart Lockout Tagout Padlock

A smart lockout tagout padlock utilizes Bluetooth and multiple access codes for efficient management of lockout/tagout authorizations with remote capabilities.


A smart lockout tagout padlock aims to modernize and simplify the management of lockout tagout (LOTO) procedures. It is designed to replace multiple traditional keyed locks with a single smart padlock. It utilizes Bluetooth technology which incorporates proximity detection as well as remote authorization technologies. It features high-security functions such as assignment, revoking, tag-out authorization, notifications, and tracking of user accesses. The potential safety benefit lies in its ability to streamline and enforce proper lockout tagout practices, reducing human errors and promoting a safer work environment during maintenance and repair operations.

eGeeTouch® Smart Mini Lockout Tagout Lock

The eGeeTouch® Smart Mini Lockout Tagout Lock  (figure 1) simplifies the management of multiple field sites' operational activities by replacing multiple keyed locks with a single smart padlock. It utilizes Bluetooth technology and incorporates multiple layers of access codes, allowing for both indoor and outdoor usage. Specifically developed for LOTO purposes, it enables remote management of tagout authorizations from any location. The smart padlock features dual intelligent proximity and remote authorization technologies, enhancing productivity and operational efficiency. It offers high-security functionalities such as multiple levels of user authorization, tag-out authorization, and user access tracking, providing improved control over access permissions. Furthermore, it comes with a bundled application software and a web-based Intelligent Access Management Software, facilitating the efficient and secure management of LOTO processes.

Figure 1. eGeeTouch® Smart Mini Lockout Tagout Lock by Digipas Technologies Inc. (Photo courtesy of Digipas Technologies Inc.)

The eGeeTouch Smart lockout padlock provides multiple unlocking options (figure 2), such as entering a code on the entry pad or pairing it with Bluetooth-enabled devices like smartphones (Apple or Android) and smartwatches (Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S2/3). This eliminates the need for traditional keys and enables remote lock-out and tag-out operations from any location at any time. The padlock ensures enhanced access security with support for up to 8 levels of authorization and a large number of IDs. Access and tag-out authorization can be easily assigned or restricted to authorized individuals remotely. The accompanying app or software enhances visibility and transparency by displaying the individuals responsible for managing the object's lock-out and tag-out. Historical records (audit trail) can be accessed to review the time, date, and location of object interactions. The padlock is powered by rechargeable batteries, offering a lifespan of at least 2,000 cycles or over 2 years with 3 times locking/unlocking per day usage. Additionally, it includes a USB terminal for backup power from an external source. The lockout padlock features a color LED indicator that displays the locking/unlocking status and has a compact size with a hardened steel shackle suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Figure 2. Connectivity options with eGeeTouch® Smart Mini Lockout Tagout Lock (Photo courtesy of Digipas Technologies Inc.)

Technical Specifications

- Body made of ABS (Plastic)
- Shackle made of hardened steel
- IP44 rating for water and dust resistance
- USB 2.0 compatibility
- Bluetooth with encrypted security
- Supports iOS and Android smartphone operating systems
- Directional code button included
- Compatible with IAM software system
- 80 keypad directional codes available
- 120 audit trial-keypad directional codes
- Rechargeable lithium-ion power supply
- Environmental requirements:
  - Operating temperature: -4°F to +140°F or -20°C to +60°C
  - Relative humidity: 20-90% 
- Weight: Approximately 73g
- Overall dimensions (inches): 1 3/4 x 0.94 x 3 5/8
- Shackle dimensions (inches):
  - Length: 1 1/2
  - Width: 1 1/4
  - Diameter: 0.24

Risks Addressed:

Electrocution or serious injury can result if a worker is unexpectedly exposed to energized equipment.

How Risks are Reduced:

Locks and tags can reduce the risk of electrocution, crushing, dismemberment, or other serious injuries or death by preventing unexpected energization of equipment or unexpected release of machinery energy. Only the worker that places the lock or tag on the equipment or machinery should be able to remove it, having full control and isolation of the equipment.

Additional Considerations:

Lockout Tagout (LOTO) is a safety measure that prevent unexpected start-ups, energizing of equipment, or releasing equipment energy by ensuring that equipment is properly de-energized before maintenance, construction, or other non-routine operations take place. This is achieved through the use of locks or tags, which are placed on the power source to prevent other employees from energizing the equipment while work is being performed. LOTO procedures are essential to prevent unexpected start-ups or energizing of equipment, especially during maintenance or servicing activities when workers may come in close contact with the machines. Workers should never engage in these activities unless proper LOTO procedures have been followed to ensure their safety. For more general information, please visit the solution summary Lockout Tagout


Jean Christophe Le, MPH - CPWR The Center for Construction Research and Training
Jerry Rivera, CSP - NECA, Washington DC Chapter
Terry Sage, CHST - Freestate Electrical Construction

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