Corner Ladder Stabilizer

A corner ladder stabilizer can help improve ladder stability when working on the corner of a building structure.


A corner ladder stabilizer is an engineering control that can provide ladder stability.  This curved accessory, or stabilizer, attaches to an all purpose ladder between the first and second rung.  Each end of the stabilizer provides an additional point of contact against the vertical surface on each side of the cornered building.

A corner ladder stabilizer, such as the Corner Buddy, is designed to support one person with a maximum 275-pound load.  Each end on the stabilizer has a rubber cover to provide grip to the vertical surface.  U-bolts are also provided to capture the side rungs of the ladder and then latched on to the stabilizer.

(Photo courtesy of Guardian Fall Protection Inc.)

Risks Addressed:

Climbing extension ladders that are unstable can increase the chance of a fall leading to an injury or even death.  Fractures are the most common injuries associated with falling from a ladder, followed by strains, sprains, and abrasions.  A ladder stabilization system can reduce unwanted ladder movement when working on a corner or round-corner building by improving stability.

How Risks are Reduced:

Corner ladder stabilizers can reduce the likelihood of falls because they provide two points of vertical surface contact on each side of a cornered building.

There have not been independent published studies measuring the effect of using corner ladder stabilizers on reducing ladder falls.  Nonetheless, safety and health experts anecdotally believe that ladders with a point of contact on the vertical surface on each side of the cornered structure can provide workers with more stability.

Additional Considerations:

Make sure the corner ladder stabilizer is centered on the ladder.

Place the bottom of the ladder out from the work wall 1/4 of its working height.

Stand at least 4 ladder rungs below the corner ladder stabilizer.

Do not attempt to stand on corner ladder stabilizer.

Most of the ladders used in construction are the Type 1A and 1AA with load ratings of 300 and 375 pounds, respectively.

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Ladders should be inspected regularly by a competent person.

Superintendants, foremen and trades workers must be trained on the proper methods of ladder inspection, erection and use.


Guardian Fall Protection Inc.
To obtain information, visit Qualcraft Industries Corner Buddy or contact 1-800-231-5647

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