Portable Adjustable Stairs

Portable adjustable stairs offer the convenience and functionality of permanent stairs to situations where the portability of a ladder is required. 


Portable adjustable stairs, as a substitution control, offer the convenience and increased safety of permanent stairs in situations where the portability of a ladder is required. These stair systems feature self-levelling steps and built-in foldable handrails.

The AdjustaStairs by SmartSafe Access provide access for workers, such as infrastructure workers, trench diggers or excavation teams (figure 1), who need safe and efficient temporary access with the same stability as a permanent system. The self-leveling steps allow users to stand on a flat tread when the unit is placed at a variance of pitch angles ranging from 25 to 50 degrees.

Figure 1.  AdjustaStairs providing access to trench workers (Photo courtesy of Safesmart Access)

The standard model has a weight rating of 660 pounds.  However, the AdjustaStairs Double model (figure 2) is twice the width of the standard model which provides two-way access with a weight rating of 1,100 pounds supported by additional underside truss.  In addition, AdjustaStairs can be customized to include midlandings.

Figure 2.  AdjustaStairs Double providing access to infrastructure workers (Photo courtesy of Safesmart Access)

Figure 3 provides more detailed specifications for the AdjustaStairs models.  Please contact the manufacturer for more specification information on custom AdjustaStairs as they will vary per request.

Figure 3.  Table of specifications for different AdjustaStairs models (yellow highlight indicates weight estimation) (Photo courtesy of Safesmart Access)

Risks Addressed:

Workers climbing ladders are at increased risk of falling from heights.  The improper use of ladder equipment may also pose a safety hazard. The result of such falls can potentially cause fractures, sprains, strains, contusions, severe damage to internal organs and even death.

How Risks are Reduced:

Portable adjustable stairs are specialized access equipment that can provide handrails, flat stair treads and more stability compared to using ladders for climbing and descening work platforms.

Additional Considerations:

While the AdjustaStairs by SafeSmart Access meets or exceeds requirements put in place by OSHA, it is recommended users follow all manufacturer guidelines before using this equipment to ensure worker safety and compliance with applicable local, state or federal regulations.

Per the manufacturer, AdjustaStairs provide the advantage of carrying up tools, materials and equipment without the use of a rope and pulley or trying to carry things during ladder ascension.


Jean Christophe Le, MPH - CPWR The Center for Construction Research and Training.
Bruce Lippy, PhD, CIH - CPWR The Center for Construction Research and Training.


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