Ladder Stabilization Kit

A ladder stabilization system installed on a ladder can help improve stability.


A ladder stabilization system is an engineering control that can provide ladder stability.  The system comes with the necessary hardware components and an assembly manual, with installation instructions specific to the type of ladder, for the installation of the stabilizing legs.  Once installed, the stabilizing legs can unfold outwards.

Ladder stabilization systems, such as Lock-n-Climb kits, vary by models because these systems are primarily used in the aviation industry tailoring to various aircraft profiles.  However, they can also be generally applied to other industries such as construction.

The Lock-n-Climb installation kits contain: two 6061-grade aluminum legs, two folding brackets, cross support rods, two feet with foot pegs and rubber bottoms, bushings, washers, lock washers and nuts (see figure 1).  Installation requires the use of 3/4" and 7/16" open end wrenches or vise grips (not included with system).  Before purchasing, please consult the manufacturer to ensure system suitability for the type of construction work performed.

Figure 1. Lock-n-Climb kit components.

Risks Addressed:

Climbing extension ladders that are unstable can increase the chance of a fall leading to an injury or even death.  Fractures are the most common injuries associated with falling from a ladder, followed by strains, sprains, and abrasions.  A ladder stabilization system can reduce unwanted ladder movement by improving stability.

How Risks are Reduced:

Ladder stabilization systems can reduce the likelihood of falls because they have two additional stabilization legs to provide four-points of ground contact and eliminate the requirement for the ladder to solely lean on a vertical structure for support and stability.

Additional Considerations:

Please visit our other solution, Proper Ladder Selection, for more safety information regarding general ladder safety.  Lock-N-Climb also has their own Safety Use Manual regarding the inspection and use of their ladder system.

Ladders should be inspected regularly by a competent person.

Superintendants, foremen and trades workers must be trained on the proper methods of ladder inspection, erection and use.


Hazards Addressed:


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